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In ANGALIA we strive to make all our guests feel comfortable while feeling that they are in the middle of the African savannah, and we are firmly committed with the surroundings, both in the environmental and social dimensions. So, in addition to not alter the ecosystem of the National Park, we support and facilitate various social initiatives for local development and try to supply ourselves with products from family farming.

We have had fantastic artists from Pacolmo Theatre, Marisa, Romero and Toni, who delighted children and elders during their visit to Mikumi. Dr. Orlando Falcón also supported our social activities, donating balls and uniforms to the Youth Football Team of Kikwalaza, a neighboring vulnerable community in Mikumi. Dr. Jean Paul Reinartz regularly collaborates with us by doing eye exams and donating glasses to most vulnerable people; Jean Paul also sponsors the Health Center of Mikumi village.

To all of them, Thank you very much! Asante sana!

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Posted: 03/07/2013


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