Angalia is a great experience

“Africa is always a space for adventure and rediscovery, of encountering with oneself. That they know very well in Angalia Tented Camp, dreamlike space that widens your heart and makes you feel secure in freedom”, Miguel López, Spain.

“We had a beautiful time! We will definitely go back. The food is amazing, clean, and good service,. Highly recommended! Nice and warm watering in the tent, mosquito nets. Nice and comfortable bed. You feel secure”, Ney M. Holt, United Kingdom.

“Like in Far From of Africa. That’s how you feel when you are in Angalia. The site surprises with its beauty, but also because it has a special charm, in what surely has to do the service of the people working there. Respect for the environment is evident throughout the whole site…Really great! “, Irene Saavedra, Spain.

“We wanted a different holiday: adventure but safe, and we succeeded. Beautiful game rides with a pleasant place to relax and good food and company. I would definitely recommend it”, Tomás Ruano, Spain.




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Posted: 16/07/2013


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